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Choming  Flower Essences,  Tree Essences and Gem Essences

Mary has developed a listing of flower, tree and gem essences, that have been made with the magical healing energies of Mother Earth and the Universe. These essences help provide the energy needed to rebalance that which has become unbalanced at a core level. They aid in clearing blockages, rebalancing physical and emotional elements, enhance the release of the energies required for vibrant health and rebuild.   Each essence affects us differently.  Some work primarily on a physical level, wheras others work primarily on an emotional, mental or spiritual level,  many of the essences work on many different levels at the same time.  Each essence reflects the true nature of the flower, plant, tree, crystal or gem.

In the human body, each organ, system, tissue and cell has its own vibration.  In parallel each plant, flower, tree and mineral also has its own vibration. The art of essences is to select the essence that will correct the unbalanced vibration of a physical or emotional element in the physical or auric body. A Vibrational Assessment can identify specific energetic imbalances and recommend essences to balance these vibrations.

Most essences have primary, secondary, and many tertiary effects.  The groupings that will follow have been developed to help identify the primary and secondary effects of each essence. You will find in the description of each essence a summary of the major areas of help for that essence, as well as the effect described in the healing.

You may view the essences by alphabetical order or by logical groupings.

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