Past Life History

Most us have lived various past lives on this planet and have returned to Mother Earth to help in the continuing resolution of outstanding issues, continuing our spiritual growth. The major issues I have had to deal with in this lifetime have been fear, the deep layer of anger that hid my fear, and not living according to my soul purpose for being on this planet. It took many years for me to understand this purpose in sufficient depth to be able to accept and then transmute these qualities in varying degrees.

I believe that each one of us has a soul purpose for being here. This soul purpose for the majority is not to "achieve" or "accomplish" a specific goal. Rather it is to grow in spirituality, developing our spirit being into a higher level of consciousness and what I call Godness. We are so focused on the "doing" we forget that our real purpose is in our "being" and fundamentally our ability to love ourselves and others.

Reaching into our subconscious and identifying pieces of our past life history can help us to see our past lives and obtain information from these past lives to help us in our spiritual growth.

I believe that many past life memories are buried within our light body surrounding us and that we can access this information to help us see and understand our core issues affecting us in today. Owning these core issues helps us move closer to living our soul purpose for this lifetime.

The Lingham Gem Stone

Lingham is a stone from the sacred Narmada River in India, one of the seven holy sites in India. This river has shallow waterbeds and villagers living around this river gather and sell these stones. Lingham is a quartz crystal, and quartz is very powerful for receiving and sending information. Quartz harmonizes and aligns human energies, thoughts, consciousness and emotions with the energies of the Universe.

The Lingham Stone is shaped like an egg. The egg symbolizes the shape of holding the seed from which all manifestation occurs. It symbolizes giving birth, creation, carrying the seed of life. For some, the egg is the image of the Universe and of perfection. The Lingham Stone is light beige brown in color with dark brown shading at one end. For me this symbolizes a focus of connection and communication between Mother Earth and the broader Universe.

The Choming Lingham Gem Stone Essence

This Choming Essence helps you connect with subconscious memories of your past lives stored in your light body. You can take the essence prior to meditation but it's just as effective if you hold the Lingham Stone itself or just hold the bottle of the Lingham Gem Essence.

The vibration held in the Lingham Stone Essence will connect you with the Universal records of your past lives during special meditations for this purpose. Using this essence greatly enhances past life meditations.

How To Meditate for Past Life Information

The following are simple instructions to meditate for past life information.

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and where you can sit comfortable for a half hour to one hour. Choose a place where you will be able to write a description of what you see, hear or sense as soon as your past life vision during your meditation is complete.
  2. Close your eyes and begin to quiet your mind until such time as you no longer have busy thoughts rushing in and out of your mind. If rushing thoughts come, just let them pass. It often helps to do some deeper breathing and to concentrate on your breath, each time you inhale and exhale. Deep breathing helps you to relax both physically and mentally.
  3. Ground yourself so that you are firmly rooted deep into Mother Earth. A simple way to ground yourself is to visualize attaching silver cords around your ankles and running these cords deep into Mother Earth.
  4. Take the Choming Lingham Gem Essence, or the gem itself, and hold it in both hands placed gently in your lap. Do not place it on any of your chakras.
  5. Once your head noises are gone, connect with the Universal Power that is your connection with the Divine Creator. Hold that connection, feeling the love that is there for you. Feel this love as deeply as you can.
  6. Tell your Universal Connection the reason for this meditation, that you would like to have past life information from one of your past lives. I ask for information that is relevant to help me deal with issues that are difficult in my life right now or issues that I should be dealing with at the present time. This makes the information very applicable to your life today.
  7. Then just allow yourself to be open to whatever images float into your mind. You will be amazed at the stories that you will see and hear. Relax, don't try to create images, just be open to whatever the Universe chooses to send you. I normally see a scene or a snapshot of a specific experience during one of my past lives. If you don't see anything, just relax and close your meditation and try again another day. Sometimes it takes many tries before you can see your first past life.
  8. Once you have seen a past life experience, record it in point form only, recording as many details as you can remember. Record how you look, how you act, how you feel, and the same for all others in your past life meditation. Record the scenery, where and when this experience took place, the colors in your vision, anything of the smallest detail that you can remember. This detail will help you in your analysis of your vision since colors and shapes can be symbolic of the message for you.
  9. After you have recorded what you saw, heard, knew, in your past life memory, go back into your meditation to see if another past life may come to visit you to help you understand you better in today. I have had three or four past lives come in sequence during one meditation, and would have had more if I had not shut down the meditation.
  10. Continue to hold the Choming Lingham Gem Essence or the Lingham Stone during the entire meditation.
  11. Once you feel you have learned enough, close your meditation down. Thank the Universal Power for the information you have been given and come back to the real world slowly and gently.
  12. When you have a clear mind, look at your notes carefully and analyze the information to identify the main behavior being communicated in the past life visions. What is important is to own these visions, your behavior, your feeling. Carl Jung called it owning your dark side.

My Own Personal Experience In Meditating for Past Life Information

I always meditate with an essence the first time I make it, seeking guidance and advice for the use of this essence. The first time I made the Lingham Stone Essence I immediately was taken to see a past life. In this past life I was in the process of being burned at the stake for being a witch. I had been beaten, raped, and tortured and the torture was extremely cruel, I was in enormous pain. I was a peasant woman somewhere in England and there were military people who were burning me at the stake.

Once I had relaxed from the images of being burned at the stake I was given a view of a second past life. In this past life I am male, I am cruel, and I am royalty. I am screaming at those around me that I am the King and you will obey me and do whatever I say or I will kill you. I have a long wooden staff in my left hand, am dressed in a velvet coat gathered at the waist and pleated to my knees, I wear pantaloons and leather boots. I wear a crown type of hat. I am cruel, punishing, judgmental, and have no mercy within me. I abuse the power I have.

Once I recovered from the severity of this second past life vision, I was taken to view a third past life. In this past life I'm at a circus, laughing and having fun. A man comes and drags me away, this man is my husband. He is extremely upset and I know that he has had to do this many times before. He has to drag me away from taking my pleasures with other men at the circus. I leave kicking and screaming. I have an excessive love of pleasure in this past life and have no regard for commitments to or the feelings of others.

When I was reviewing this article prior to sending it for posting, I "knew" that I needed to meditate to see another past life. In this past life I am a child, happy, loving, playing outside in front of the home where I live. My mother is standing on the stairs keeping a watchful eye on me. She is dressed in a long brown dress, a gentle and competent woman. My father comes home and I rush to hug and kiss him. This is a very loving home. This entire vision continued to show me happy, playful, and full of the joy of a healthy ten year old child.

A Brief Analysis of My Past Life Visions

The past life meditations I have shared with you showed me many different facets of myself including fear, a love of pleasure, cruelty, anger, the abuse of power, insensitivity to others, and the ability to love. Viewing these past lives helped me to review issues in my life at the present time. I am a loving, caring and compassionate person today. However, these past life visions had a real message for me around the issues of love, power, pleasure, and anger.

And this is very important, a past life experience through a meditation will usually provide you with very strong and extreme messages to be certain you are getting the message. So please, don't discard them saying, that can't be me. It is you. It is not all of you but it will definitely be one facet of you in today.

So often I hear about therapists who help others see their past lives. Inevitably each person tells me they were a major healer, a priestess, a ruler, or some type of very important person. It doesn't really matter what you did in a past life or what social status you held. What is important is to look at behavior, feelings, attitudes towards others, and beliefs and not anything related to position, status, or abilities.

Using Past Life Information

Identify the key issues that came up during your meditation on your past lives. Then try to see where these issues still exist in your life today. The first step of change is awareness and awareness, of your life issues is a beautiful gift.

Once you accept that you do have a certain a quality, difficulty, whatever you choose to call it, it will begin to find a different balance within you, or just disappear. But it's essential to accept that the quality is a part of you and that it will stand in your way of living your soul purpose if you choose to deny it or minimize it. Ignoring it or denying it makes that part of you energetically numb and it's difficult to live your soul purpose when you are numb.

Awareness is essential to living a life that comes from love deep within you, a love that is within each one of us if we only have the courage to reach for it. It is extremely empowering to be able to reach into your various levels of consciousness yourself, retrieve past life information, and to use this information as guidance in your present life.

With Love and Caring, 
Mary Kurus

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