Dear Mary - I would like to express my gratitude for helping me in my healing process and allowing me to move forward in life by removing external energetic hurdles.

It was an amazing experience and to have no fear and to get my confidence back is indeed nothing short of a miracle. I was very sad when I read linked to complaints raised against you. I felt hurt about how ungrateful people can be but in my prayer I decided to forgive them and move on. They are not yet ready in their life path to receive gifts from the divine. Its not even 24 hours and I am so positive in my outlook and so many positive things are happening already - for example I am receiving so many options for my job and financial resolutions.

I am grateful to God for connecting me to you. AS it is said, God works through people in your life and I think he worked through you for me. As an expression of my gratitude I have written a first draft of my experience on you and my experience especially addressed to your sceptics and you. Please read through and advise me - I will need to move forward with healings for my wife and 2 daughters in the next phase and I will let you know. Also about Choming Essences. Please advise about my testimonial whether you are ok with it.


EJ Mathews

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