Before the clearing I was feeling terribly fearful, haunted, agitated and battling waves of darkness and depression and at times was wondering how I would continue I felt so exhausted by life.   I now feel deeply, deeply safe and so does my home.   Your report made so much sense and the change couldn't be more obvious on every level.   I slept really deeply last night and woke up full of soaring peace and deep gratitude with a lot more energy than usual - I am so, so glad I found you.   I trust you and your methods implicitly and you are obviously a healer of deep integrity and absolute clarity.    I honestly cannot express how grateful I am to you, I will be getting these clearings regularly to help manage my energy system as you are obviously a miracle worker.   I had no idea I had so many attachments and dark energy around me - I knew there was something going on and it's such a relief to put my energy system in the hands of someone who really, really knows what they are doing.

 In profound gratitude, 

ZC - London 

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