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Psychic Attacks can be the most intense and frightening experience a person can go through. Mine last three months, I tried sage, protective spells, crystals and anything I could to get rid of the fowl energies I was dealing with.  I was fighting for my own life and my body.  It took me this long to find out about Mary Kurus at mkprojects. My Father ordered a clearing and within just a few hours I received a detailed summary of the serious case I was dealing with.  Within 24 hours I could clearly tell that those energies were no longer there and  could finally rest.

I am extremely grateful to Mary for the work she does, for I know if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be alive right now.  The next couple months after the clearing, I spent mainly in solitude in the Forest where I practiced yoga and meditation to recover from the trauma I had experiened.  I learned that the primary things that led to the psychic attack was my past excessive use of psychedelic drugs, and disasscioative spiritual practices that weakened my aura's defenses. 

I turned my life around completely, I practice hot yoga, conscious eating and will always remain sober with new amibtions for the future. I am proud to testify that Mary Kurus is authentic and highly skilled in the work she does. 

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