Mary is truly a kind and loving individual who will take time to talk to you personally. I will be forever grateful to her for unraveling my complex health.

I became symptomatic with lyme disease in January of 1998. At this time, I had thought for all practical purposes my life was over. For those who don’t know lyme disease is an extremely difficult disease to diagnose and to treat. The lyme spirochete is a more hardy organism than the typical bacterium the conventional medicine arena is used to seeing and treating. The adaptibility of the spirochete leads to infinite amount of problems with conventional treatment. The list of symptoms is endless including, joint pain, migraine headaches, memory loss, muscle twitches, extreme fatigue, abdominal discomfort, conjuctivitis, brain fog etc…Basically anyone with full blown late stage lyme disease is not living they are merely in a conscious coma.

Despite the litany of symptoms and bleak outlook, I was determined to go down fighting after my initial diagnosis.  The typical allopathic treatment consists of heavy doses of antibiotics. Experimenting with different antibiotic cocktails is where I started on my quest for health. While taking the antibiotics did offer some relief through a reduction of the spirochete load, for most people with late stage lyme disease the improvements experienced through antibiotics are marginal at best. After two years on antibiotics and only minor improvements to show for it, I decided to try the alternative medicine route.

There are numerous alternative treatments that people have tried and reported positive results so I set out to try them all and decide for myself. I started with the basic herbs and had some positive results but with the herbs improvements were always short-lived. It seemed like the disease would always mutate and become resistent to whatever was working. Some herbs of note were (Goldenseal, Kolorex, Samento, Primal Defense, Maitake D-Fraction Mushrooms, Chlorella). Kolorex, a product of New Zealand, was especially powerful in assissting with candida issues. When I started to notice that all the herbs that were helping me were powerful anti-fungals, it made me realize what a severe candida infection I had along with my lyme disease. One of the side-effects of taking antibiotics for years is that it leaves you with severe systemic candida. This only further complicates the diagnositic picture.

With this merky diagnostic picture I wanted to try some generic alternatives that were reported to be helpful for several conditions. Lyme Patients are desperate and therefore easy targets for those seeking to capitalize on their vulnerability.  The list of off-the-wall treatments is endless. Treatments range from $200 Vitamin C Megadoses to the experimental $ 10,000 Intra Cellular Therapy offered only in foreign countries due to the high risk of an unapproved substance. Most patients are willing to risk anything to find some relief.  I chose to indulge in some of the less risky alternatives such as: Hydrogen peroxide therapy, UVB light therapy, Ozone Therapy, Dioxychlor.  All of these therapies had very limited to no success. I was still exhibiting several lyme symptoms and at this point I had taken so many different drugs and herbs my liver and intestines started to become very painful. I knew I had to find a more non-invasive method to keep the candida and lyme in check. I did not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One of the more successful alternatives that I did try was a Rife machine. It was helpful for both candida and Lyme disease on top of the fact it was a non-invasive treatment method. Initially, for the first month of treatment I had great success with Rife treatments. The reprieve was short-lived though as it only worked for about a month. I knew I had to keep on searching.

Four years after my initial diagnosis, I stumbled upon radionics and vibrational medicine. Radionics was a miracle worker for lyme disease. With the help of Radionics, I was able to consistently whittle my spirochete load down to a point where the only symptom remaining was a debilitating fatigue. Despite the improvement, I knew that something else was placing an inordinate amount of stress on my body but I didn’t know what. I had always been suspicious of heavy metals and parasites but knew the test results were inaccurate and didn’t want to invest the money to receive inaccurate results. I didn’t know where to turn and thought I was fighting a blind impossible battle.

This is when I received the biggest blessing to date in my path to recovery and found Mary’s Vibrational Assessment. After reading about what was included in the assessment and considering the extremely low cost, I ordered it without hesitation. I was astonished by the accuracy of the reading. I told Mary absolutely nothing about me and she picked up on the Candida and Lyme Disease as well as she found several parasites and more heavy metals than I would have ever thought possible. Not only did she get the invaders spot-on, but she also correctly pegged my emotions and food sensitivities.  Receiving the endless amount of information the assessment offers was bittersweet. I was dejected that I had worked so hard the past four years with little improvement but I was also elated that I finally knew what I was up against.

Mary was able to crystallize my diagnostic picture.  Rarely if ever, does a doctor get the full correct diagnosis for someone with a compromised immune system. This failure is because the search is usually limited to one and only one culprit. Once you test positive for one parasite, fungal strain, bacterium etc…the search stops in the modern medical field.  Mary was invaluable for helping me over this stumbling block because I would have never guessed in a million years that I had 6 different types of invaders, 3 types of fungus and 6 different types of heavy metals that were affecting my health. I am so thankful that the assessment was so robust to figure all of this out for me. Without  hesitation, I ordered the essences that Mary had suggested.

When I picked-up the essences the first day, I took the suggested dose in the parking lot of the Post Office I was so excited to receive them. Within a couple of hours of ingesting, I knew that these essences were the real deal. I was knocked on my butt. This is what is know as a herx-heimer reaction. I knew that this method was going to work.  Mary’s essences were a non-invasive method to combat ALL the different invaders that were obstructing my health at once. If you were to try that with drugs, you would have to take at least 7 different pharmaceuticals at once. What an elegant solution !! Not only did I now know what I was fighting but I had a way to fight as well. A true blessing !!

I couldn’t wait for my next assessment the following the month. When the reading came, I was a little disappointed that I had not progressed as far as I had wanted but that is the stark reality of anyone fighting a chronic illness. I had to come to grips with the fact that it took years for me to get sick and that I was not going to recover overnight.

Over the past year, I have noticed that the changes are gradual and that if you stay committed to this program excellent results can and will be achieved. For those that are chronically ill, Mary’s essence program is not all roses. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride. There are ups and downs but eventually the ups outnumber the downs. The essences displace your energy to where it needs to be and that can cause fatigue at times. The most difficult part of the healing journey on essences so far has been when the spirochete number gets down below one and you are starting to eliminate the candida roots. This is what I call Heartbreak Hill and the fatigue can be extreme at times during this time period. Just know that this fatigue is caused by the lyme being ejected out of the candida roots. A radionics machine and program is an excellent complement during this specific period of stress. Once you get past this point it is all down hill from there !!

When partaking in the essence program, I have found that there are some things you can do to facilitate the healing process. First of all, regular exercise is crucial. I know all of us are at different levels of fitness but getting the blood pumping and heart rate up is essential to your success when you are moving all of these toxins out of the body. Hiking, Biking, and riding are ideal even if it is for but 5-10 minutes. Qigong, Yoga and meditation also make excellent additions to any health recovery plan. I have also found energy treatment therapies like Reiki and LahoChi to be extremely beneficial. Taking an initiation class for one of the hands on energy treatments, makes it easy for you to treat yourself anytime. LahoChi is especially helpful for balancing emotions.

Through the past year I have found there are 3 keys to optimizing the effectiveness of the essences…. 

  • Adhere strictly to the Food Sensitivities Recommendations. (Everytime that I eat something that I have a sensitivity to I seem to take 2 steps backwards)
  • As a rule, The more food that you eat the the less effective the essences become ( While the essences will still work, I have found that eating throughout the day interferes with the optimal vibration of the essences. At the very minimum do not eat 2 hours before taking the essences and wait to eat 4 hours after taking the essences.)
  • If at all possible exercise before taking the essences even if it is only for 5 minutes. It helps move the vibrations deeper within the body where most of the problems are. 

Currently, I feel great !! It has been a year and a month since I started on Mary’s essence program. I feel better than I ever thought possible. I got a new job and feel like I can be social once again. The most encouraging aspect to me is that there is still a lot of room for improvement. It makes me so sad that people have to be chronically ill before they come to Mary’s program. The essence program would boost people who are moderately healthy into different stratosphere’s of health. Regardless of what level your health is at, I feel that the benefit from Mary’s program is non-pareiled.

Mary is truly a kind and loving individual who will take time to talk to you personally. I will be forever grateful to her for unraveling my complex health situation and the essences which have given me my life back. I may not be 100% healthy yet but I know I am in good hands with Mary.

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