Prior to my taking Mary’s essences (Choming Essences), I had done quite a bit of cleansing.  In my first Vibrational Assessment I was told that I had the vibrations of parasites, a tapeworm, and all sorts of things.  I am someone who observes my stools and to my amazement and delight, a few days later, I noticed a large piece of worm about five inches long.  I knew then that the essences were working. 

For years I have tried many avenues to rid myself of the candida overgrowth and now it and its roots are gone and I no longer crave sweet things. 

Since then I have taken many essences and I know that I feel very different today, more assertive, less fearful, and more present.  I am very happy to be taking Mary’s essences.

C.M. Perth, Ontario

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