"Vibration, vibration, vibration" - that is what it is about. My overall vibration was very low when I started working with Mary and over a period of nine months it increased over 600% (checked by dowsing by Mary and my own outside sources).

I am amazed at how much my overall vibration has raised. In the past, I have had a problem with lack of energy, being tired most of the time. I tried vitamins, parasite cleanses, accupuncture, reiki, and other treatments but I could never pinpoint what the problem was. Mary was able to pinpoint vibrationally where and why I was having problems using a very indepth vibrational assessment. Once the problem areas were found it was just a matter of treating them to raise their vibration to a healthy state. The key for me was feedback so that I could see that I was making progress. It does take time to bring organs that are not vibrationally healthy back to health, and Mary gave me excellent feedback on how I was doing. I am feeling better now than I have felt in many years."

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