I have diligently been journeying back to my original blessed state of wholeness since 1989. Although I am very disciplined about my healing and take it very seriously, I frequently found myself experiencing serious, severe bouts of depression which would often leave me lethargic and totally incapacitated. The depression tarnished and tainted all aspects of my life. 

One day while I was in the midst of immeasurable despair and bleak darkness, Mary's name popped into my head - I had heard of her work with essences. I don't believe in coincidences and immediately called her and hence my journey with these wonderful Choming Natural Essences as my allies began.

The difference in my energy is profound. I have more physical stamina and my emotions are very stable. Although crappy things still happen, I am able to take them in stride. And although they may temporarily rock my boat - the boat does not capsize as it used to. I have not experienced any bouts of depression for months now. 

There have been many shifts ... I feel more confident and capable. I feel hopeful and enthusiastic. I feel much more in control and in charge of all aspects of my life. I feel worthwhile, valued and respected by others and best of all by myself. I am nurturing a love relationship with myself.

I have no doubt that the Choming Natural Essences have significantly contributed to the numerous positive shifts and changes which I am experiencing on many different levels (psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and physically).

I highly recommend the Choming Natural Essences, as I know from first hand experience the difference they make!

H.I., Maniwaki, Quebec

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