I am most grateful to Mary for her love and guidance in returning me back to proper health and wellness. Mary's assessment of my vibrational well-being was to say the least at first glance very grim. She was able to channel all the essences for me.

Perhaps because of my close connections to gemstones all the healing essences were gemstone. As Mary predicted this process of clearing and riding the body of Toxins, bacteria, parasites and worms would take approx. 6 weeks. The essences also clear the emotional body of past traumas and balance all the other bodies together.

If you are feeling unwell and cannot figure what is wrong will you and you have most doctors scratching their heads, please don't hesitate call Mary for help. Blessings of Love and Light.

-- Debra Lee Hillary, Moonstone Jewellery, Whistler. B.C. --

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