Several years ago I read about parasites and worms in Hulda Clark's book, "A Cure For All Diseases".  At the time I had a very troublesome respiratory problem. The doctor said it was bronchitis.

I went to Hilda's clinic in Tiawana.  There was no improvement from my treatment there. I then did the modified Gerson Therapy; juice, juice and still more juice for three months. Still there was no change.

I've gone on other cleansing and rejuvenation programs, and even tried acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The chest problem was still with me.  A live blood analysis seemed to offer hope.  It confirmed the existence of numerous parasites and worms. The microscopist recommended I go on the Awareness program for three months. There was a modicum of improvement, but the coughing and phlegm was still with me. 

At one of the meetings of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Society of Dowsers I heard Mary comment on how she had been cleared of parasites and worms with plant and gem essences. Three or four meetings later I was prompted to ask Mary for help. I was so pleased when she immediately took a sincere and caring interest.

Well I've been taking only one gem essence for the past seven weeks. The result is as follows:

  • I sleep better;
  • I have not had the flu when those around me have had the flu;
  • I only had a two day healing crisis which I assume was the body getting rid of stuff;
  • I've regained the weight I lost on the Awareness program;
  • I get up fewer times to go to the bathroom at night ;
  • There is a marked improvement in my lungs;
  • I have lots and lots more energy that before.

I said to my wife Elspeth, do you remember when I was about 45 and I said I felt like 70? Well now I am 70 and I feel like 45.

Arthur Read, Retired

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