Brenda – My Story of Illness and Health

Where to start?  Let’s begin 14 years ago.  By the way, in January 2001  I’m now 37 years old.

1987 – I had a yeast infection that would not go away, my hair started falling out, and I was very tired a lot of the time.

Fast forward to 1995 – I just completed my Master’s degree in University and was exhausted all of the time.  I had a night job that allowed me to sleep.  I was sleeping 10-15 hours a day and was waking up feeling more exhausted than the day before. I couldn’t get myself off the couch.  Emotionally I was depressed, chronically anxious and fearful.  The world seemed like a dark and frightening place.  My depression worsened in the wintertime with the lack of sunlight.

Here is a list of the other symptoms I had:

  • a chronic and ongoing yeast infection
  • hair thinning and falling out and would not grow back anymore
  • painful and sensitive scalp that had bumps on it – it often felt itchy and prickly as well
  • itchy dry skin with patches of eczema
  • thin brittle nails with ridges
  • chronic emotional and physical exhaustion and sleepiness
  • lack of libido
  • extremely painful joints – I would wake in the morning feeling as if someone had punched my shoulder
  • extremely sore muscles – the smallest amount of exertion (i.e. stretching) felt beyond my strength and left my muscles throbbing
  • chronic constipation, gas, bloating
  • cravings for wheat, vinegar, sugar, chocolate, salt, coffee – after eating these foods I would feel weak and exhausted
  • alternating periods of itching and pain in my ears
  • unable to wear contact lenses
  • strong sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, nail polish and nail polish remover, and cleaning supplies
  • strong PMS symptoms that would last for 2 weeks, irregular periods (since puberty) and terrible mood swings
  • chronic congested sinuses that bled regularly
  • cuts were slow to heal
  • constant strong back pain over my entire back, neck, shoulders, and upper lower and middle back
  • hot and painful feet in warm humid weather
  • poor circulation in cold weather, my hands and feet were ice cold and arms and legs were frequently falling asleep

I was very frightened by many of these symptoms.  What was wrong with me?  As the symptoms continued to worsen I desperately wanted to know what was wrong.  Over the years I had described these symptoms to a number of doctors (GPs). I was given medicine for my yeast infection that didn’t work.  Otherwise no explanation or help was offered.

 1996 – I began to work with a naturopathic doctor.  I was quickly diagnosed as having Candida.  Hallelujah!  Someone knew what was wrong with me.  It was not all in my mind.  I was sick, and with treatment I could become well again.  I was given a long list of food and drinks to which I was allergic and therefore had to remove from my diet.  NOTE:  The list made up 90% of the North American diet.  I was given medicines to take regularly as well.  For the next few years I read health books and magazines.  I took my medicines (herbals, homeopathic, vitamins, candida, but …………) and expensive.  I saw my naturopath regularly for updates and took many treatments (osteopathy, acupuncture).  I bought a sun lamp for the winter months (more money). 

I struggled to learn to like wheat-free, sugar-free, yeast-free, caffeine-free, chocolate free, alcohol-free, vinegar-free everything.  I visited a chiropractor regularly for my chronic back, neck and shoulder pain (more money).  I went for massage therapy (more money).  My primary goal in life was:  get well and stay well, no matter what it takes or how long it takes.

Fast forward to Spring of 2000.  Three and one half years of hard work and lots of money spent and still I only felt (at most) 40% better.  I also felt that I had reached a plateau.  This was frustrating.  A trusted friend suggested that I see Mary Kurus.  I was skeptical but hopeful.  I thought, “I will give it a  try for a few months.  But I want answers and results.  If I see clear and measurable results then I will continue to work with Mary”  

January 2001 – Well it is 10 months later and Mary has more than proven her abilities.  All I can say is “Thank God for Mary”.    I stopped seeing the naturopath and chiropractor months ago.  I took her Choming Essences and now my health is 95% better.  My back pain, muscle pain, joint pain – Gone!  My emotional exhaustion, stress and mood swings – Gone!  Other symptoms?  95% Gone!  They are a distant memory.  I now feel well, happy, healthy and energetic.

Food allergies?  I still have them but my overall health is so markedly better that I can eat these foods occasionally without noticeable side effects.  Last Christmas (before Mary) for a rare and special dinner I had an Italian noodle dish, bread, a Bloody Caesar, and chocolate cheesecake for dessert.  Response:  I had gas pains so strong and painful that I thought I was having a heart attack.  It was very frightening.  This Christmas holiday I ate all of these foods.  Response:  I felt full!  No problems!  Radiant health!  Here I come!

My Cats  - I am so impressed with Mary’s healing abilities that I asked her to help my cats.  They also had a number of strange symptoms that their vet and alternative vet practitioner could not readily diagnose and treat.   Mary?  She knew right away what Choming Essences to give them.  They are taking her remedies and they are markedly healthier and happier.  Strange behaviors have disappeared, healthy weight gain, shiny coats, and strange physical symptoms clearing up nicely. 

Conclusion - Don’t misunderstand me.  I recommend alternative medicines of all types.  But in my particular case, I had more effective and faster results with Mary Kurus.  I highly recommend her as a healer and I trust her abilities completely.    May God bless and guide Mary in her healing work with others and may those who are in need of her services be guided to her.

If you are suffering from strange emotional and physical symptoms, chronic illness, I hope my own story has helped you.  May God bless and guide you in your own journey towards wellness, wherever it may lead you.


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