"Negative entities and psychic attacks are thought of by most people as “all in the mind” but for the individual who is experiencing these things, they are real.

I desperately purchased protective crystals, sprays, sage/incense/candles, etc., and employed the help of psychics, radionics practitioners, energy workers, etc., but these forces were not effected by whatever I tried. Then when doing a search on the internet on ‘psychic attacks’, I ran across Mary Kurus' article on the topic. I was impressed with her knowledge of this subject, and of other articles she wrote. I emailed her and she promptly accepted my case and within a couple of days these phenomenon ceased to exist for me. Mary gave effective recommendations for adjusting certain patterns of living that can help prevent further or future negative situations. Her vibrational assessment covers the spectrum of spiritual, psychological and physical health as well as clearing negative circumstances surrounding our personal energy system. She showed concern, caring, and spiritual integrity throughout our correspondences. The Universal Energy led me by internet to receive her assistance."


Honolulu, Hawaii

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