Why Meditate: 

The benefits of mediation are enormous and can greatly enhance your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.  Meditation is simply the process of stilling the mind so that all wants, needs, and desires disappear and then either allowing the Universe to enter and heal or following a guided process to reach for a certain type of energetic healing.

I developed this particular meditation for myself to bring in the first year of this new millennium.  It was such a rich experience for me and I hope it brings you some of the energetic surprises that came to me on 01 January 2000, the first time I conducted this meditation. 

The Best Location For This Meditation: 

This meditation needs to be performed outside where you are physically present with Mother Earth and the Universe that surrounds her.  Find a quiet place outside, where you are away from other people, traffic noises, and alone with the beautiful sounds of nature.  There are many such places in the country, and even in large cities, that have a sense of peace and quiet.  Go to one of these places for this meditation. 

Grounding Yourself Before You Begin: 

Grounding is simply a word that describes the strengthening of your connection with earth.  It is an exercise that should be performed each morning as well as before meditation.  The process of grounding helps you to remain anchored in this dimension as you move through other dimensions in this meditation.  It also tends to strengthen your root chakra, thus strengthening you physically. 

To ground yourself, close your eyes, breathe gently and deeply.  Imagine that there is a strong energy that flows up and down your spine, and then down through both legs.  Stay with this energy as it moves up and down your spine and legs – it’s a powerful energy.  Then imagine that this energy lengthens so that it continues to run up and down your spine and legs, but at the same time that it runs deeply into the ground, and by deeply I mean for miles and miles into the earth.  Stay with this energy as it flows through your spine and legs and lengthens into the earth.  After a few minutes you should be well grounded to begin this meditation. 

The Meditation With Nature: 

Begin this meditation while walking or find a quiet place where you can rest or sit, whatever is most comfortable for you.   Take time to leave behind your thoughts, worries, joys, and schedules.  Forget about the benefits of exercise, forget about how quickly or slowly you walk, forget your troubles, and stop thinking about what you need to do.   Take time to be. 

Listen to the sound of the wind, listen to the birds and the sounds they make, hear the crunch of snow under your feet or the breaking of a twig beneath your boots or shoes, feel the air blowing against your face.  Become present to the Nature around you.  Focus on all parts of Nature around you. 

Feel the rock you are sitting on.  Touch a plant as you pass it.  Stand by a tree and feel the energy it gives you, it has a very powerful energy field.  Listen to the sound of the water.  Take lots of time to slowly connect with the Nature around you and do this very slowly.  Once you have focused on a specific piece of nature around you, open a discussion with that piece of nature, the plant, tree or rock.  They would love to talk with you so please take the time to speak with them.  Just ask the tree or whatever how it is, does it enjoy life where it is, does it have a message for you?  Ask it whatever comes into your mind.  Believe me it will answer if you really take the time to listen.  Talk to nature and listen to what it has to tell you.  Connect with Mother Earth! 

Then slowly move your attention to the sky, perhaps a faint outline of the moon that you can still see up above, or the sun that is warming you.  Look at the wonderful shapes of the clouds moving above you.  Imagine the other planets circling around in such amazing precision.  They all move in such delicately balanced patterns.  Each planet has its own energy and the energy of each particle in the greater Universe affects each one of us.  We are all connected.  Imagine the big Universe with our planet the Earth just one small piece of this great Universal Being.  See yourself standing on Mother Earth as an essential part of this Universe.  Connect with the Universe! 

Bring your attention back to Mother Earth.  Listen to hear the rhythm of the Earth’s heartbeat.  The earth has a pulse, a rhythm unique in this Universe.  If you listen in quiet and love, asking to hear the Earth’s heartbeat, you will hear it.  It’s very real.  Once you hear it, just stay with the beat, the pulse, and the rhythm of Mother Earth.  Connect with the pulse, the heartbeat of Mother Earth! 

Once you are in full rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, thank our planet for giving us what we need to live and love so fully and completely.  Thank Mother Earth for the many blessings she showers upon us.  Feel her strength and courage and become connected to these powerful emotions.  Ask her forgiveness for our inability to look after her properly, for the many abuses we are heaping upon her these days.  Ask her to show us the way to be more loving and caring of her.  Give thanks to Mother Earth! 

Ask to speak with the Mother Earth Goddess.  She is the most loving and gentle Goddess you can imagine.  Ask her to make herself known to you.  She has the most beautiful voice, and she looks after Mother Earth, in spite of our neglect.  Thank the Mother Earth Goddess for looking after the planet Earth so well, helping us to live with such an amazing variety of animals, trees, plants, rivers and oceans.   Give thanks to the Mother Earth Goddess. 

The Benefits of This Meditation: 

You will find that the connections you have developed with Mother Earth, the Universe, and the Mother Earth Goddess will give you many benefits.  The following are just a few major examples: 

  • you will feel connected rather than lonely or longing for something;
  • your sense of self-worth will be stronger;
  • you will strengthen your sense of feeling wanted, needed and loved;
  • your sense of belonging will be stronger;
  • you will feel physically stronger, more courageous and peaceful;
  • some of those nameless fears can dissipate;
  • your ability to love will be stronger;
  • you will feel more deeply connected with your body, emotions, thoughts, and your inner self;
  • you will be healthier;
  • you will feel more rested and renewed;
  • your ability to release pain will be enhanced;
  • if you felt fragmented when you began you will feel more integrated with yourself.

This mediation will connect you more deeply with the healing energies of Mother Earth and the entire Universal Energy. What a special way to start the New Year, more deeply connected and loving with yourself and others. 

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