It's summertime and there are many healing herbs growing right around you that you can use to nourish yourselves and to stimulate powerful healing within you. We need to learn how to pick and use certain herbs to support us in our healing journey. This is using nature to help us heal ourselves and bring our energies to their highest vibration. This article will show you how to make a herbal tea to support nourishment of your systems and healing deep within you.

Why Use Fresh Herbs Versus Dried Herbs:

I make Choming Herbal Tinctures from fresh herbs and believe that a tincture or a tea made from fresh herbs has 100 times the healing power of a tincture or tea made from dry herbs, and believe me the tinctures you purchase in stores are made from dry herbs.

If you are a city dweller who is unable to pick some fresh herbs, purchase some organic dried herbs from a health food store. You can make herbals teas for yourself, often called infusions, from herbs growing in the fields around you.

The Difference Between Choming Vibrational Essences and Herbal Teas and Tinctures:

The fundamental difference in the effects of Choming Vibrational Essences and Herbal Tinctures or Teas is that herbs work on the physical body only, and often only a limited number of organs and systems, whereas Vibrational Essences work on your energetic bodies including the auras, chakras, meridian system, and your entire energetic system inside you and outside of you. Choming Essences do not have any plant material in them but are simply the vibration of a plant, tree, grass or gem. Vibrational Essences penetrate much more deeply than herbal remedies can penetrate, penetrating all your energetic systems including auras, chakras, meridian system, and all energetic systems.

Herbal teas and herbal tinctures are extremely beneficial for internal healing of organs and systems and work in a complementary manner with vibrational essences. Herbs and herbal teas are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They stimulate healing at a deep physical level.

How To Make Herbal Teas from the Red Clover, Stinging Nettle and Burdock Herbs:

The following is a simple methodology for making a tea from a herbs such as Red Clover, Stinging Nettle, or Burdock. I choose these herbs because they grow abundantly in most parts of North America and Europe and are very powerful healers for your organs and systems.

Go for a walk beside a river, in a forest, in the country, and pick a bunch of Red Clover, Stinging Nettle, or Burdock. If possible, try to find this herb where no one is spreading pesticides or fertilizers since these are chemicals and it's better to make a herbal teas from plants that do not contain chemicals. Pick the flowers, the stem and the leaves of these plants. Pick only what you can use in 36 hours since plants loose their effectiveness the longer they are held in cold storage.

Take three ounces this herb if fresh, and one ounce if using dry herbs, making sure that you have flowers, stem, and some leaves and put this in a quart jar that you can close. Fill the jar to the top with boiling water. Close the jar tightly and let the herb steep in this water overnight if possible and for 4 hours at a minimum. Strain the plant material out and drink 2 - 4 cups each day. Consume this quart of tea within 36 hours and then make a new batch of tea. You can drink this tea at room temperature, hot, or cold.

For those who know how to run energy, run a bit of energy into this tea enhancing its healing power for a deeper penetration. When running the energy, ask the Universe to energize this tea for your greatest healing potential.

If your time is limited and you have the need for an immediate cup of herbal tea, place a few tablespoons of the fresh herb, or one teaspoon of dry herb, in a cup, cover it with a cup of boiling water, steep it for a half hour or so, and then drink it for some immediate relief.

Effects of Red Clover, Stinging Nettle and Burdock Teas:

Both of these teas nourish, cleanse and revitalize many different organs and systems, helping you to feel more energetic. Red Clover is known for cleansing the blood and is a powerful healer of the following systems: the blood system; the bone system; the digestive system; the elimination system; and the immune system. Stinging Nettle is known for cleansing the kidneys, and is a very powerful healer of the following systems: the digestive system; the elimination system; the endocrine system; the joint system; the ligament system; and the muscular system. Burdock is a powerful healer for the following systems: the endocrine system; the nervous system; the reproductive system; and the respiratory system.

Further Information

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