Background Information on Vibrations

Everything in the Universe has a vibration.  Each flower, plant, tree, mineral, rock, crystal, or gemstone has its own specific vibration.  Each type of cell, organ, system in each living organism also has its own specific vibration.  Each thought and emotion has its own vibration.  Each sound and color has its own vibration. A Vibrational Assessment is a process where the vibration of a variety of factors is undertaken to identify disharmonious or unbalanced vibrations in the human body and aura.  Through dowsing, a Vibrational Assessment reads the vibrational energetic signatures within an individual.

Disharmonious or unbalanced vibrations show themselves in many ways including discomfort, dis ease, illness, fatigue, and a variety of different symptoms.  When a body is healthy is has a relatively high vibration, and this is reflected through the vibrations of individual cells, organs and systems.  When a person is not perfectly healthy the vibrations in the body are lowered.  The objective of a Vibrational Assessment is to identify the lower vibrations of various invaders, organs and systems so that remedial action can be taken to raise the vibrations through Choming Essences.

When an individual is not well their body's vibration lowers, the immune system weakens, and  many invaders enter and stay in a person’s body.  This includes parasites, worms, bacterial infections, viruses, and different types of fungus.  These invaders not only affect the direct functioning of a body, but they also cause other problems since they daily unload many toxins into the human body.  Today we are being exposed to many of these invaders on a regular basis.  e.g. A simple visit to a hospital can expose you to many infectious bacteria. 

How Is A Vibrational Assessment Conducted:

A Vibrational Assessment involves the reading the energetic signature of vibrations which emanate from a variety of factors, by using a pendulum.  This is a process whereby an experienced energy dowser connects with the vibrations in and around a physical and auric body and makes an assessment of the presence, and degree of vibration of various factors. Even though many scientists believe that these vibrations do exist, testing methods and equipment have not been devised to measure many of them.

Through distance dowsing, an assessment can be conducted of anyone, anywhere in the world by using the name of an individual.  Mary Kurus has conducted many distance assessments to-date and has demonstrated a high degree of accuracy and effectiveness in distance dowsing.

The following is a summary explanation of the specific sections of information contained in a 17 page report of a Vibrational Assessment.


1. General Information

The Vibrational Assessment will identify vibrations of a chemical imbalance, the rate at which the cell mitosis is performing, the vibrational rate of protein deficiency, and the overall rate of energy when the assessment is conducted.  This vibrational information will be used in the overall analysis of vibrations which will form the basis of a recommended essence program for clients.

2. Parasites, Worms, Infectious Bacteria and Viruses

Globalization is having many impacts on how we feel.  The lack of purity in drinking water is becoming a more and more serious issue in many parts of the world.  Foods are being grown or handled by individuals who are infected with various parasites, worms and viruses.  Processing, storage, and handling can easily expose foodstuff to various unwelcome invaders.  Travelers are returning from vacations having been exposed to many parasites and worms in their travel environment.

There are at least 2500 different types of parasites in the world today, and who knows how many not yet discovered.  There are equal numbers of worms, infectious bacteria and viruses.  Recent research identified the possibility that an illness such as breast cancer may be caused by a virus and might be transferred generationally through our DNA.    Medical testing to identify these invaders through blood and stool tests is problematic since the invaders often take the vibration of the body they are in and as a result often cannot be identified through these tests.  Little is still known today of these invaders and the specific illness stemming from their presence in the human body.

Parasites, worms or viruses can be eliminated through antibiotics.  However a reinfestation often occurs since these invaders leave a spore, or a reproductive cell in the body which results in new parasites, worms or viruses within 30 days.

A Vibrational Assessment will identify the presence of vibrations of parasites, worms, bacterial infections, and viruses in your body through an assessment of their vibrations.  It will also identify the strength of this vibration, with 10 being the highest or strongest vibration, and 1 being the lowest vibration.

3. Fungus, Candida and Mould

Many types of fungus are normally present in the human body.  The problem occurs when fungus grows out of control as an overgrowth or within the cells of various organs and systems.  

Candida, a fungus found normally in the body, often grows out of balance as a result of the overuse of antibiotics.  Antibiotics can work very effectively, but because they cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria, they eliminate all the good bacteria in the human body as well as the not so good bacteria.  After using antibiotics a number of times, an individuals system is left without the normal amount, variety and balance of bacteria.  The old adage holds true and “nature abhors a vacuum” and the fungus candida or other types of fungus begin to grow and expand further in the body, filling those places left bare without the normal bacteria.  This fungus overgrowth creates a variety of problems, including symptoms ranging from a lot of intestinal gas, fatigue, depression, lethargy, food sensitivities, and many other symptoms.  The imbalance or overgrowth of fungus in the body can create many serious difficulties.

A certain type of fungus can also grow on the lungs causing difficulties with the respiratory system.  In the old days this used to be called farmers lungs.  This can cause serious difficulties in the respiratory system.

When an individual is exposed to mould which can be easily inhaled by humans, it can grow within the body causing many symptoms similar to fungus overgrowths.

The Vibrational Assessment will identify any vibrations of fungus overgrowth in the human and body, including candida overgrowth, cellular fungus and fungus on the lungs.

4. Chemical And Metal Poisons

Many individuals are experiencing sensitivities and allergies to a degree never before experienced.  Often we find that these individuals are holding residues of metal and chemical poisons in the physical body and the auras.  These poisons can create a variety of difficulties including the creation of unusual electro-magnetic vibrations.  The metal and chemical  residues in the body can range from chemicals in cigarettes or personal care products, to lead from old piping or mercury from contaminated fish or pesticides from the food we eat.  A Vibrational Assessment will identify if metal and chemical poisons are present in your body, and the rate of their vibration on a scale of 1-10.

5. Major Organs and Systems

 Each cell, organ and system in the body has its own vibration.  A Vibrational Assessment will identify the degree of efficiency of key organs, major systems, as well as the individual glands of the endocrine system.  This will show you the percentage efficiency of these organs and systems, assuming that a perfectly functioning body of the same age and sex would be 100%.  This will help to identify the major areas of vibrational weakness.  This includes the cellular system, the bone system, and many other major physical systems. 

6. Energies External To The Body

 There are many external energies influencing the harmonious vibration of the physical and energetic bodies.  These can include energies from electrical appliances in the home, computers, the television set and certain types of lighting.  Electrical wiring can effect the human vibration.  Large electrical towers close to homes can affect the vibration rate of the physical and auric bodies.  We are being bombarded today with electrical and magnetic energies at rates never before experienced by humans.  These can affect the vibrations of the human body, auras and chakras.

 Mother Earth is surrounded by electro-magnetic grids.  Intersections of two of major grids called the Hartman Grid and the Curry Grid, can create difficulties.  Often underground water is running under the office building you work in or your home.  The energies from various grids as well as underground water can seriously affect your personal rate of vibration.

 Human auras and bodies and your own homes and offices are often the resting places of negative energies, entities and spirits. These energies are often drawn to individuals whose vibration is lower.  Vibrations can be lowered by illness, the use of alcohol and recreational drugs and they are especially drawn by emotions such as anger, depression, violence and an overall  lack of spirituality.  Spirits and entities can rest in an individuals aura or body, can affect the flow of energy, creating imbalances and energetic blockages and at times affecting the personality or behavior of individuals.

  The Vibrational Assessment identifies if and which external energies are affecting your personal rate of vibration. 

 7. The Human Aura and Chakras

 The human body is surrounded by energy fields that are called the aura which are layered and interpenetrating.  There are many layers to the aura but the ones which I deal with as part of the Vibrational Assessment are the etheric field, which is a three or four inch aura which surrounds the body, fits it like a glove and is an energetic duplicate of the body; the emotional body which is associated with feelings; the mental body which is associated with our ideas and thoughts;  and the spiritual body which is associated with spiritual aspects of the individual.

 Many factors can affect the various fields of the aura creating holes, breaks in connections, imbalances, and various types of blockages and distortions.  Traumas, repressed emotions, negative thought patterns, certain types of emotions, smoking, and the excessive use of drugs and alcohol (including second hand smoke) can affect the vital vibration and effective functioning of the different bodies of the aura.   It is a well know fact that smoking and drinking create blockages in auras and chakras.

 There are seven major energy centers or chakras within the subtle bodies that draw life giving energy into the physical body, comparable to energy transformers.  These are said to resemble whirling vortices of subtle energy.  Blockages, holes, tears or other difficulties in the chakras can seriously affect the degree of energy entering the human body and the overall vibration and functioning of the human body.

The Vibrational Assessment will identify the degree of openness of the four auric fields and all seven chakras.  This information will be used in support of the overall analysis. 

8. Emotions and Emotional States

Emotional and mental health is critical to maintaining a high energetic force and physical health.  Spiritual health is also a crucial ingredient in this mix of achieving and maintaining a vital energetic force.  Emotions can create blockages or imbalances in the vibration rate of the physical and energetic bodies, lowering its vibration and creating an environment in which illness can occur.

Many books are being published today discussing the relationship of body and emotions and the mind helping us begin to understand some of the complex relationships that are the underpinnings for vibrant and energetic health.

This section of the Vibrational Assessment identifies the vibrations of approximately 65 emotions or emotional states which are inherent to the human condition.  The degree of the emotional state will be identified numerically on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest vibration and 10 the highest.  If the emotion is not identified it’s because the vibration of that emotion was not identified as a current issue.  For example it will identify if repressed anger is buried within, if grief is being held, or if sadness or depression is affecting your health.

9.  Digestive Food Sensitivities 

When vibrational imbalances occur in the human organs and systems, individuals are not able to digest foods and absorb nutrients in the same manner they could when the vibration was high.  The presence of parasites, worms, viruses, fungus and metals can change the chemical balance in the digestive system resulting in serious difficulty digesting certain types of foods.  

Fungus, parasites, and worms feed on certain foods such as sugar, yeast, and certain carbohydrates and individuals may find themselves craving these foods on which these invaders feed.  It’s important to understand the relationship of food and vibration and cravings.

The Vibrational Assessment will identify if the individual is sensitive to wheat products, dairy products, sugar, yeast and soy bean products. 

10.  Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

When the physical and auric vibrations are high in a human body, the food we eat and drink is usually sufficient to provide the vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis.  Invaders such as parasites, worms, viruses and fungus deplete the body of its vitamins and minerals exacerbating the difficulties and eating up all the good vitamins and minerals.

The present agricultural practices often deplete Mother Earth of the minerals required by a human body for vibrant and energetic health.  In the past two years studies have been published showing a direct relationship between a deficiency in magnesium and conditions such as depression and Attention Deficit Disorder.

The Vibrational Assessment will identify deficiencies in vitamins and minerals at the time of the assessment. 

11.  Remedies – Choming Natural Essences – Flower, Tree and Gem Essences

Flower, tree, gem and crystal essences contain the vibrational life force of the flower, tree, gem or crystal used to create them, as well as the vibrational life force of the sun, moon, stars, and various other elements of the Universe.

Choming Natural Essences elevate and adjust vibrations in the physical and auric bodies.   They activate and release energy patterns by balancing, detoxifying, repairing and rebuilding vibrational imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  The process of shifting vibrations eliminates parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria, fungus and mould and detoxifies metal, chemical and atomic poisons, and eliminates the spores of invaders as well as the roots of fungus and mould.  It affects the emotional and mental well being.  It can shift your spiritual self in many ways.  People who have used Choming Essences often say  “they have touched my soul”.  Choming Essences work on the electro-magnetic body as well as the physical body.

12.  A Recommended Program of Essences

The Vibrational Assessment will identify a program of Choming Essences that is customized to the individual.  More than 150 essences will be considered as part of this analysis.  It’s important to note that all essences will be customized to each individual client who request an essence program as a result of the Vibrational Assessment ensuring that the rate of vibration is appropriate for the present vibration (neither too weak or too strong), and overall size and weight of the individual.  This section of the Vibrational Assessment will identify a program of essences for consideration and the estimated cost of this program. 

One follow-up update of the original assessment will be provided as part of the Vibrational Assessment and the program of essences.  This update will be conducted approximately 4 – 5 weeks after commencing an essence program.  Additional costs will apply if additional follow-ups are requested or required.

To Order a Vibrational Assessment please contact Mary Buchowski-Kurus.  Additional articles on health, vibrational healing, and detailed descriptions of more than 150 Choming Essences can be obtained from Mary or read on (this website).

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