What is Energy Healing

Everything in the Universe is energy and many things can be changed with energy. Every person, every thought, every emotion is energy. Our energy fields and systems are alive and intelligent.

The auras, chakras and energy systems of anyone can become blocked, distorted, clogged up, and torn. Magnetic connections in auras, chakras and energy systems, such as the meridian system can become broken and damaged.

Energy fields can be cleansed, balanced, normalized and healed. Energy healing is a process that I use to do exactly that, to cleanse, balance, normalize and heal. 

Human thought is followed by action, and action is energy. Emotions can be described as energy actions. Energy healing can affect the energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of a person.

Potential Aura, Chakra and Energy System Issues

There are many issues that can affect the functioning of our auras, chakras, and meridian and other energy systems, leading to a variety of health problems. The following are some key potential issues.

  1. Blockages can be caused by any of the following: emotions that have not been felt and released; negative thought forms from others; psychic attack energy or negative energy from energetic spells; entities or spirits lodged in our auras or chakras; chemical, metal and atomic toxins; other types of poisons or toxins; past life memories or experiences.
  2. Distorted auras and chakras can be caused by any of the issues identified under blockages;
  3. Holes or tears in the auras can be caused by any of the issues identified under blockages;
  4. Lack of synchronization between the auras, chakras, and meridian system can create serious difficulty. Physical issues, emotional issues, intellectual imbalances or spiritual issues can create imbalances in various parts of the auras, chakras and meridian system. These imbalances affect the specific aura or chakra that in turn affects other parts of the energetic system. Nature always tries to achieve perfect balance and these imbalances create a real disharmony in our energetic systems. This can create unbalanced thinking, feeling and behaviour.
  5. Negative connections and rays can become attached to our auras. These are a result of negative emotions, drug and alcohol use, psychic attacks or spells, other intelligent being in the Cosmic World, environmental pollution, lack of nature i.e. trees, plants and flowing water. Negativity in thought and behaviour in individuals, communities, draws negative forces to us from the broader Universe. These connections, rays and energies can have a real negative effect on our vitality and energy.
  6. Negative energy can easily flip from another individual's aura into your aura. Energy is alive, moves around, and you can eventually become quite affected by the negative energy of those around you, in your homes, offices or stores.
  7.  Imbalances can be created by earth energies especially the intersecting points of the Hartman and Curry grids and underground running water.
  8. Underactive or overactive chakras can create a variety of issues. Underactive chakras can translate into fatigue, lethargy, weight problems, just a slow attitude towards life or a lack of zest for living. Overactive chakras create other types of problems including hyperactivity, panic attacks, emotional imbalances, and many types of health issues in the physical body.

The Effectiveness and Effects of Distant Energy Healing

Distant energy healing is more effective than much of the healing done today by healing practitioners. The energetic influence of the healer is much deeper since the energetic constraints which can be present when doing a healing in person are not present. The effectiveness of distance healing depends on the ability of the person doing the healing. Distant energy healing is an advanced form of any energy healing. I work in another dimension when I do energy healings.

Potential Effects of Distance Healing


I have been doing distance healing for many years and clients around the world have been amazed at the changes they have experienced within 24 hours of a healing. 

Some of the changes they have experienced is as follows:

 • Feeling peaceful

• Feelings of vulnerability and fear are reduced or disappear

• Experiencing an enhanced sense of well-being

• Being able to sleep peacefully again

• Increased energy

• Feeling more in touch with who you are

• Losing the feeling that someone or something outside of you is changing your thinking and behaviour

• Feeling grounded/ in the moment instead of spaced-out

• Feeling stronger physically and emotionally

• Having increased zest for life

• Becoming more connected with yourself and others

• Increasing your creativity

 And many other changes!

 Why Have an Energy Healing

 Our energy systems are alive and intelligent. They know exactly what they need for perfect health and vibrant energy. When our energy systems are disrupted, blocked, slowed down, or damaged, messages are sent to the conscious level that something is wrong and that we need to address imbalances, blockages and damage. We are trained to look at the physical body and address its needs rather than look at our energetic systems to provide them what they need for perfect health. Our energy systems are conscious energy and this energy is connected with all energies in the Universe. Our energy systems act as a connection between the physical world and the metaphysical or spiritual world. When we look after our energy systems we look after our deepest and most profound needs, including the physical, emotional intellectual and spiritual.

An Energy Healing will help to correct energetic imbalances, blockages, distortions, holes and tears in your energy field. It will help to reconnect the magnetic systems in your auras, chakras, meridian system, and other energy systems in you and around you in your extended energy field.

 To Order an Energy Healing


To order an energy healing please email Mary Kurus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give her the following information:


• Your full name including middle names and maiden name if married

• Date of birth

• Home address if you require a healing of your home as part of the energy healing (there is an additional charge for this).

• The price for an Energy Healing is $195.00 US 

• If individuals want specific issues addressed these will need to be identified as part of your information

• At times you might want an energy healing as part of a routine health program that you follow, something that I highly recommend approach

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