Worms - A Leading Undiagnosed Health Problem

One of the major health issues affecting people around the world today is infections caused by worms. I use the term worm to include parasites since this is the term that the average person is familiar with. 

I estimate that more than half of the human population today has one or more type of worm living in them and that often neither they nor their physician is aware of it. The medical profession has very limited knowledge and testing ability concerning worms. Ann Louise Gittleman in her book titled “Guess What Came to Dinner" states that parasitic infections are the most commonly misdiagnosed form of illness today. Hanna Kroeger in her book titled “Parasites the Enemy Within" provides a good description of the various types of parasites and the symptoms for each type.

We accept that our pets have worms and parasites and those they need to be “de-wormed”. When you consider how many people are exposed to pets on a daily basis, and how many travel to third world countries which have serious worm and parasite infestations, it's difficult to understand why we have such difficulty accepting that North Americans and Europeans also have worms and parasites?

Signs of Worms within a Human Body

There are many symptoms you can experience as a result of worms and parasites. The following is not a complete list but identifies many of symptoms you can experience.

chronic fatigue  depression 
easily fatigued irritability
lethargy irrational anger
physical exhaustion    
repeated awakening during sleep  always hungry 
teeth grinding while sleeping craving sugar 
insomnia craving starchy carbohydrate foods 
aching joints food sensitivities
swollen joints fevers diarrhea itching rectum
constipation pot belly weight gain spaced out
weight loss fuzzy thinking bloating poor memory
stomach gas inability to concentrate Water retention lack of focus
cysts anemia dark circles under eyes bulging eyes

It's important to remember that all of the above symptoms can be the result of other influences in addition to worms and parasites. A Vibrational Assessment by Mary Kurus can easily identify if you have the vibrations of worms or parasites. Read more about this at www.mkprojects.com. 

Modern Illnesses Caused By Worms and Parasites 

Parasites are one of the basic causes of many of the modern illnesses affecting so many today. Hanna Kroeger in her book called " Parasites: The Enemy Within " identifies the following illnesses: Asthma; Arthritis; Cancer; Chronic Fatigue; Colitis; Diabetes; Hodgkin’s Disease; Leukemia; Lymphoma; Multiple Sclerosis; Ovarian cysts; Pneumonia; Lymes Disease; Wyles Disease; mineral imbalances; thyroid imbalances; high and low blood sugar; jaundice; and blood clots. 

How Do You Get Parasites

You can pick up parasites in hundreds of different ways. If your immune system is weakened by chemicals, metals, or other types of poisons, the worms will find a home and multiply within you.

You can get worms and parasites by kissing (even on the cheek); any type of intimate sexual activity; drinking from another person's glass; playing another person's musical instrument; all types of water, and even water that's labeled distilled in third world countries; meats; vegetables; fruits; shaking someone's hand; unclean toilet facilities; all animals; all house pets (including birds); undercooked meat and fish; used dish rags or dish towels; foreign travel especially to third world countries in Asia, Africa and Central and South America where worms and parasites are very common; importing food from countries where worms and parasites are very common; chemicals and solvents in our food; walking barefoot in polluted areas; and swimming in polluted lakes, rivers, and swimming pools.

Identifying Parasites - Conventional and Unconventional Methods 

Conventional medicine's diagnosing of worms is unreliable. The problem is the technology and the behavior of the worms. Worms take the rhythm of your body and avoid detection. I have read that the only way to get even a 50% rate of detection of existing worms and parasites is to have a laboratory that specializes in testing for worms take blood, mucous, and fecal tests every 2-4 hours for 72 straight hours. 

I conduct Vibrational Assessments to read the vibrations of worms and many other things. I work in another dimension, and can easily read the energetic vibrations of worms within individuals. Each human being has an energy signature, similar to a fingerprint. No two energy signatures are the same. Each type of worm also has an energy signature and therefore can easily be identified. Therefore it's quite easy to identify worm infestations through energetic reading. As an intuitive and distance dowser, I can read the energy signature of anyone anywhere in the world.

The Lack of Energy

The major complaint for many today is their lack of energy. Everyone wants to have lots of energy to be able to live and participate in life to the fullest. One of the most common causes for the loss of energy is worms. Worms and parasites literally suck your energy out of you. Your immune system has to work so hard to try and eliminate them. Eventually your immune system weakens, your vital energy gets lower, and your fatigue increases. 

Why Antibiotics Don’t Work - How Worms and Parasites Reproduce 

Worms and parasites reproduce by dropping a reproductive cell within your body called a spore. These spores just sit, rest, and 5-6 weeks later the spore becomes a new worm. Antibiotics and certain herbs can sometimes eliminate the worm. But they cannot eliminate the spores. That is why you have great difficulty finding a permanent elimination of worms and parasites. It's the spores that are creating the problem.

Worms and parasites are highly intelligent organisms. They are designed to multiply and survive and they live in all part of your body. They penetrate the membranes and go into your brain. That's why your thinking can become quite fuzzy and unfocussed and your memory poor. They can adjust their vibrations to your body's vibrations. They can live on your blood. They eat up all the good vitamins and minerals within you leaving you highly deficient, even when you take vitamin and mineral supplements.

I make a group of vibrational essences called Choming Essences that are quite different from anything else available on the market today. They have been able to eliminate the spores of parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria, as well as candida. For more information please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Worms and the Full Moon

Many years ago naturopaths identified that parasites are most active around the full moon. We know that the moon affects the rhythms of the oceans and many other vibrations on Mother Earth. The moon equally affects the rhythms within our bodies. Worms and parasites will be more active in your organs and systems during the time of the full moon. For women, this can increase PMS symptoms. 

The Effects of Worms on Emotions and Clear Thinking

Worms and parasites can have a direct effect on your emotions and your ability to think clearly. They can be the direct cause of depression, irritability, emotional swings, confusion, fuzzy thinking, the inability to concentrate, and restlessness.

Many people today are infected by a blood worms and parasites. These infections can cause mental and physical depression. This depression often disappears once the blood worms and parasites have been eliminated.

It's important to note that not all emotional imbalances, depression etc. are caused by worms and parasites. There are many causes for emotional difficulties. Worms are often one of the causes and should be identified and eliminated.

Worms and Children

Children are often infected with worms and parasites in the same manner as adults. Children can be infected with worms through their mother's milk. I believe that a lot of colic and other difficulties being experienced by children today is the direct result of worms. Children are easily infected by pets. Whenever you see a dog or cat licking a child remember, it may have been licking its anus an hour earlier or sticking its nose into something full of worms and parasites.

Worms Secrete Toxins - Poisons

Worms and parasites can live in your body for many years, up to 50 years. People can go for many years and be infected with worms and parasites without experiencing any difficulties. Eventually as they age they will lose energy and can experience many of the symptoms mentioned earlier in this article. Because our Universe is filled with chemical and metals poisons and so many other toxins, and international travel, young people are being infected with worms at a much higher rate than ever before.

Worms secrete toxins that our bodies have to deal with. Eventually as the worm infection increases the body has a more difficulty eliminating these toxins and the individual ends up with a lot of accumulated poison in their body. This clogs up their systems. Smoking, drinking alcohol, junk food, white sugar, drugs, and chemicals in food, metals, leaves poisons in our bodies. When you combine these with toxins from worms, it's easy to understand how our bodies just begin to wear down.

The poisons from worms block the absorption of nutrients. This means that the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from its food or vitamins and minerals is reduced. You can be eating the finest organic diet and taking the highest quality supplements and you body is not able to absorb these nutrients.

Cancer and Worms and Parasites

This is quite a controversial topic. I personally believe that much of what we call cancer today is caused by worms parasites and fungus. As the worms, parasites or fungus multiply and get denser in the body, the organs and systems can no longer function normally. The chemistry of the body changes completely, and the cells begin to behave and multiply abnormally.

Eliminating Worms with Vibrational Healing - Choming Essences

Choming Essences are made from flowers, trees, gems and crystals. A Choming Essence is the pure vibration of that flower, tree, gem or crystal which is bottled with the vibration locked in with a bit of alcohol. Essences from flowers and trees have been used for healing human illness for centuries in India and other ancient cultures. I also make Choming Herbal Tinctures from fresh herbs, trees and roots. These are also made energetically. A Choming Tincture made from a fresh herb or tree has much more medicinal healing power than tinctures in stores made from dried herbs.

In the 1930`s Dr. Bach made 38 essences called Bach Essences which have become very well known around the world. Dr. Bach went to great effort to choose flowers and trees that have no physical effect in healing the body, but which can have real effects on emotions. 

Choming Essences are made quite differently from Bach Essences and work very differently from Bach Essences. Choming Essences are made from plants and gems and crystals which have a direct effect on the physical body as well as emotions. 

Their effects have a broad range including: the elimination of worms and parasites, candida overgrowth; a deep cellular detoxification of chemical and metal poisons; helping individuals shift into their deeper subconscious for enhanced spiritual growth; strengthening the mental/intellectual abilities; and helping people to shift and release emotions. 

How a Choming Essence Detoxification Program Works

 Choming Essences heal with vibration. They contain no part whatsoever of the plant, tree, gem or crystal. A Choming Essence is the energetic vibration of a gem, crystal or flower or tree. When you take 4 drops, 4 times each day, the Choming Essence shifts the vibrations in your physical and energetic bodies, slowly increasing the organ’s rate of vibration. The organs of a person who is ill, who has a worm infection, will have a much lower vibration that of a healthy person. Choming Essences will increase the vibration within the organs and systems slowly and gently. Worms and parasites cannot live in a higher vibration and are slowly eliminated as an individual's vibration is raised. Choming Essences also eliminate the spores of all worms and parasites so that eventually an individual is cleared of all worms and parasites.

Choming Tinctures made energetically from fresh herbs and trees are also part of a Choming Detoxification Program.

A Choming Essence Program identifies the Choming Essence combinations you need and these are changed every 5-6 weeks. Each bottle of essence is made by hand individually to ensure the strength of the vibration is the correct strength of vibration for you. The vibration of the essences that change every 5-6 weeks normally have a higher vibration to the previous group. This continues the process of raising the individuals’ vibration and eliminating the parasites and spores. The average person is usually amazed at their increase in energy, even after 10 – 12 weeks on a Choming Essence Program.


One you have completed the elimination of worms and parasites and cleansed the poisons from your body it’s important to remember that your organs and systems are quite damaged by these invaders and the poisons they dropped in your body. They perforate the lungs, intestines etc. and organs need a lot of support for healing to occur. Powerful probiotics and enzymes are essential for the duration of a Choming Essence Program to ensure good and friendly bacteria repopulate your systems. Supplements of vitamins and minerals are essential for the long-term.

For more information on getting rid of your worms and parasites with Choming Essences please contact Mary Kurus, the owner of Choming Essences at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 613-733-2856. Prices for services and products can be found under Ordering Information.

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