Choming Vibrational Healing Oils

Choming Vibrational Healing Oils are made by hand from crystals and gems and other natural elements of the Universe using energies from many dimensions including the sun, the moon, the stars, planets and many other energies.  

Choming Vibrational Healing Oils heal vibrationally.  This means that when you use one of these oils the vibrations within your physical and energetic bodies will be adjusted by the oil thereby adjusting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities within you.  Oil, which is imbued with the vibration of a gem, can affect how you feel, think, how you connect with the Universe, and shift negative thinking and feeling patterns.  It can work slowly and gently, or it can sometimes affect you very quickly.  Ultimately, it can touch the very deepest core of your innermost being and essence.  It has been said that they often touch your soul.

Choming Vibrational Oils work very differently from essential oils.  Essential oils are made from plants and react only with the physical body.  Vibrational Oils are made by lifting the vibrations of gems and other elements and then locking in the vibrations.  A Choming Vibrational Healing Oil can affect the energetic systems including the chakras, auras and meridian systems and your psychic elements, as well as affecting emotional, mental and spiritual factors. Each oil is made by hand with a great deal of personal care and attention.  It’s made by Mary Kurus with gems that have deep and complex healing powers.  The gems have been chosen with great care and are truly a gift from the Universe and from Mother Earth.

 Choming Vibrational Oils are totally natural and do not have any type of an aroma.  A very virgin olive oil is used as a base  to integrate the vibrations of natural elements of Mother Earth and the sea.   These oils can be easily mixed with any other oil.

 How To Use Choming Vibrational Healing Oils

 Pulse Points and Chakra Centers:  Rub in a drop or two of an oil at different pulse points on your body, including your wrists, behind your ears, and behind your knees.  You can rub a few drops on various chakra centers. Oiling your feet, especially the soles of your feet, will support vibrational healing throughout your body.  You can also rub a bit of oil on any spot on your body that seems to be drawing you. 

For Bathing:  Place 18 drops of a vibrational oil in your bath water to feel the full effects of the oil.  The vibration of the oil will penetrate your physical and energetic bodies quickly.

Sleep Support:  Place 3 or 4 drops of certain oils on your pillow when going to bed for healing as you sleep.  If you awaken during the night or have difficulty sleeping, rub three or four drops of Amber Oil or Orthoclase Oil behind your ears or on your face to help you drift off into a beautiful and relaxed sleep.

Massage:  Choming Vibrational Healing Oils are very effective as a support to all types of body massage.  Ask your masseuse or masseur to mix 18 drops of the Choming Oil with the massage oil to be used for your massage and to mix it thoroughly.  Using a Choming Vibrational Healing Oil in this manner will send the vibrations of that oil deep into your physical and energetic bodies and ensures that your energetic bodies receive full benefits of the massage.  All the oils listed are spectacular supports to enhance the effects of massage.  

Muscles, Ligaments, Joints and Bones:  Rub and massage the vibrational oils into the muscles, ligaments, joints or over the bones that concern you or that are causing you problems.  It's best to rub the oil in once a day, preferably at night before you go to sleep so that healing can take place while you sleep. 

 For a list of Choming Vibrational Healing Oils:  click here.


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