Mary Kurus is a Canadian Vibrational Consultant dedicated to helping people realize vibrant energy and health. She is able to connect with anyone’s energy in the world and provide you with an accurate reading of your inner vibrations through a Vibrational Assessment.  This assessment identifies the physical, energetic and emotional imbalances within you and around you. One of the Free Articles called, What Is Vibrational Healing, helps to explain the effects of Vibrational Healing. 

Choming Flower Essences, Tree Essences and Gem Essences that help to raise your vibrations, cleanse toxins from your physical body, your auras, chakras and meridian system, and rejuvenate your physical and energetic bodies.  They provide the deepest Detoxification possible at a cellular level.  Vibration penetrates more deeply than any other type of detoxification.  Choming Essences touch your soul for shifts in consciousness and awareness and deep emotional and intellectual healing.

Mary is an experienced distance energy worker who specializes in detoxifying people with vibration, the deepest type of detoxification that is possible. She can read the energy signature of anyone anywhere in the world.  Only your full name with middle names, and your date of birth is required.  The Vibrational Assessment will give you information on your vibrational health.  A Vibrational Assessment shows the presence of vibrations of the following: parasites; worms; viruses; infectious bacteria; metal, chemical and atomic poisons; candida and other fungus overgrowths; and mould.  It shows the rate of blockage of your auras, if you have holes in your auras, the rate of function of your chakras.  It provides information on energetic attachments, spirits, entities and other negative energies.  It identifies your digestive food sensitivities and mineral and vitamin deficiencies.  It identifies which of  85 emotions are affecting your health in a negative manner today.   It also provides you with recommendations to help you adjust your energetic imbalances.

Mary also conducts distance Clearing Negative Energies for those who have become connected with various types of negative energies, rays, entities, spirits, and psychic attack connections.  She is able to clear individuals, homes, offices, pets, and different types of spaces, as long as they are well defined and not too large. 

Read the Testimonials to see what some people are saying about their healing journey when working with Mary Kurus.

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